Electric Solar Panels

Electric Solar Panels

A solar panel PV system can save you anywhere from £200 to £800 annually on your electric bill.

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Electric Solar Panels

Solar panels have become a common sight these days , clinging to the roofs of innumerable homes or splayed out across open spaces gathering in energy and sending it on to utility companies for further distribution. Solar panels work because of the photovoltaic (PV) effect wherein certain materials called ‘semiconductors’ react to sunlight by releasing their electrons. These electrons are then coaxed into a circuit where they’re either delivered to the aforementioned utility company or used to directly power a device or devices.

In many ways solar panels and the PV effect have revolutionized the way we think of energy and each year the number of homes and businesses installing PV solar panels in the UK grows by some 30%+. As of the end of 2016 there was a total generating capacity of 11.5 gigawatts installed throughout the UK, making it the 6th biggest generator of solar power worldwide.

The Rise of the Solar Panel

It’s not hard to understand why electric solar panels have taken off . If given a choice between making an international fossil fuel conglomerate even richer than it already is or getting free energy from the sun most people will opt for the latter. What held them back in the past was the cost of solar panels, but that cost has dropped dramatically in recent years opening up access to the technology to ordinary homeowners and small businesses. Some of the many benefits of solar panels include:

  • Free electricity - Of course installing solar panels is not free but once you’ve made up for the installation costs with savings on your energy bills and government subsidies and incentives you’ll be receiving free electricity from the sky for as long as you care to. Environmental responsibility - You don’t have to be a tree hugger to understand that changes are afoot in the world’s climate. Many of them are driven by fossil fuel emissions. Solar power emits zero CO2 thereby helping to slow climate change and preserve the world we love for our kids.
  • Instant savings - A solar panel PV system can save you anywhere from £200 to £800 annually on your electric bill. Money you can put aside for other home improvements or to help pay for the kid’s education.
  • Enhanced home value - A home with a solar PV electric generating system is worth far more on the open market than a comparable sized home without electric solar panels. Homebuyers today are looking for houses that incorporate green technology and there’s nothing greener than solar panels.

If you’re tired of handing over your hard-earned money every month to energy conglomerates, if you’re tired of having to put off buying new clothes or taking the family out because you just had to pay the utility bill, if you want the world your grandchildren inherit to be as beautiful as the one you lived in then electric solar panels are an option you should explore for both your home and business. Call us to find out about our products such as our photovoltiac solar panels