Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water

Gas boosters are common as they typically produce fewer greenhouse gases than other methods

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Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems may seem like a new idea but they’ve been around for decades. It’s only since the energy crisis of the 1970s when people started paying attention to alternative types of energy that awareness of solar water heating systems became widespread. Of course results will vary from season to season and year to year but if you live in an area of abundant sunshine a hot water system powered by the sun should be able to provide you with nearly all the hot water you’ll need.

How it works

There are a number of different types of solar-powered water heating systems available but most employ the same basic concepts. Rather than go into a dry recitation of the technical aspects of a solar water heating system we’re just going to keep it simple.

Solar collectors - Solar water heating systems employ solar collectors (i.e. solar panels) to capture energy from the sun and then use that energy to heat the water for your home. Much as with a traditional system that hot water is then stored in an insulated tank until you’re ready to use it, you could also look into our solar storage.

The Booster - In some cases, or during certain times of the year when skies are more overcast, you may need to employ a booster for your solar water heater to make up for shortfalls caused by the lack of sunshine. Gas boosters are common as they typically produce fewer greenhouse gases than other methods.


Reduced energy bills - In the long run the financial benefits of a solar water heating system will more than outweigh any installation costs. While you’re certain to eventually see a 100%+ ROI there’s no doubt you’ll see a faster return on your investment if you typically use a lot of hot water in your home or if you live in an area of above average sunshine.

Environmental responsibility - Beyond the financial benefits you’ll also rest easy knowing you’re helping preserve the planet’s delicate environmental balance for your children and grandchildren.

Increased home value - Estate agents know that a home with a solar hot water system is one that will command a higher price on the market.

More hot water - Hot water systems powered by sunlight typically use a larger storage tank than traditional hot water systems so you have more hot water to draw on at any one time.

Precious freedom - Writing those ridiculous cheques to the energy provider every month is no fun at all. By installing a solar water heater you’ll take a big step toward freeing yourself from dependence on multinational energy conglomerates.

The Way Forward

As far as the future is concerned the way we currently use energy is simply not going to work. Fossil fuels are both a finite resource and a major contributor to climate change. Something has to give. When you install a solar hot water system in your home you’re taking the first steps toward a brighter, healthier, more affordable and more sustainable future for yourself and your kids. Call us to find out more.