Solar Panel Subsidy

Solar Panel Subsidy

A great deal of the success story that is the UK solar industry is due to the Feed in Tariff (FIT) solar power subsidy scheme enacted by the government in 2010

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Solar Panel Subsidy

Solar power in the UK has come out of the shadows and is now a multi-billion pound industry that employs tens of thousands nationwide. Whereas 20 years ago solar power in the UK had an experimental, fringe aura about it today solar power is widely regarded as a viable alternative to fossil fuels and the UK is now the 6th largest producer of electricity from photovoltaic (PV) solar power panels in the world. A great deal of the success story that is the UK solar industry is due to the Feed in Tariff (FIT) solar power subsidy scheme enacted by the government in 2010. Under the scheme homeowners and small businesses are able to offset the installation costs of solar panels and slash their monthly utility bills.

The Feed in Tariff Solar Panel Subsidy and How to Apply

The FIT scheme has been instrumental in promoting the use of solar power nationwide. It subsidizes the cost of installing solar panels by providing ways for homeowners and small businesses to make and save money from their panels. The government will pay for electricity generated by your new panels and pay you again if you return some of your generated power back to the local grid using our solar fit. You’ll also enjoy lower utility bills every month as a result of installing your solar panels. So there’s at least 3 was you win financially.

How to Apply for This Subsidy

If you possess a photovoltaic solar array with a net capacity of less than 50kW you will be eligible to apply for the FIT scheme. First you’ll need to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of your property showing how these panels will help improve your energy situation. Once you have that and your solar PV system has been commissioned you need to tell a FIT licensee you want to register for the scheme and send them your:

  • Completed FIT application form.
  • Your Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) from Ofgem.
  • The EPC mentioned above.

The FIT licensee will then undertake eligibility checks including cross referencing the details of your installation with the MCS database, confirming your eligibility for FITs and determining when your payments should begin. They’ll also add you to the Central FIT Registry at Ofgem.

The mere presence of solar panels on your roof does not automatically qualify you for a solar panel subsidy under the FIT programme. But if your system matches Ofgem’s requirements the odds of you being turned down are practically zero. Once you’ve qualified for FITs you’ll receive regular subsidies based on the amount of electricity you produce and the amount you supply to the grid.

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If you are interested in breaking your dependence on energy conglomerates, saving money on your utility bills, making money off of your solar panels and helping to save the environment to boot consider installing PV solar panels and applying for the UK solar panel subsidy program known as FIT. It may just be the smartest energy related decision you ever make.