Solar Panel Grants in Ashampstead Green

Solar Panel Grants in Ashampstead Green

The UK solar industry has gone from being little more than a curiosity to being the 6th largest in the world

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Solar Panel Grants in Ashampstead Green

The government in the UK has been actively involved in promoting renewable energy for nearly a decade. As a result the UK solar industry has gone from being little more than a curiosity to being the 6th largest in the world. Solar panels can be seen on countless homes and businesses throughout the nation and we’re well on our way to meeting emissions and renewable targets set out years ago. If you have an interest in having solar panels installed on your home in Ashampstead Green but can’t afford the sometimes substantial installation costs there are steps you can take. Because while the government does not supply direct solar panel grants there are government programs that can help mitigate the cost.

Alternatives to Outright Solar Panel Grants

While the government does not provide grants to cover the cost of solar panel installation they do offer a number of ways you can reduce the cost of solar panel ownership and even make money from your solar panels including:

  • Feed in Tariffs - The Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme began in 2010 as a way to promote the use of solar power in the UK. In the years since untold numbers of homeowners and small businesses have taken advantage of the FITs to offset the cost of installing solar panels. Types of Feed in Tariffs include the Generation Tariff where you are reimbursed by the government for the energy your solar panels produce and the Export Tariff that pays you for excess electricity you sell back to the grid. These tariffs have made solar panel ownership possible for many who were not previously able to afford it .
  • The Renewable Heat Incentive - The RHI as it’s called is intended to promote the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy including solar power. The Renewable Heat Incentive provides 7 years of support for those who convert to such systems. That support takes the form of quarterly cash payments that vary in size depending on the type of renewable system you have opted for and the latest tariffs. To qualify you must first obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and submit it along with your RHI application.
  • Free Solar Panel Offers - There are companies in the UK that will provide you with free solar panels to install on your house. This is like getting a grant for your solar panels because you don’t actually have to pay anything. However, you do have to agree to the terms as laid out by the provider of the panels and you never actually have ownership of those panels. In addition, while you enjoy reduced electric bills the FIT money goes to the company that installed the panels.
  • Another options are our solar panel subsidy in Ashampstead Green

Although the UK government does not hand out solar panel grants they do provide a number of other ways you can mitigate the cost of installing those panels on your home. Be sure you call us at the number on our contact page with any questions you may have related to the above described incentive programs in Ashampstead Green.

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